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Site Updated On : 15 APRIL, 2014
Com. P.Abhimanyu
General Secretary
Com. A. G. Gagare
Circle President
Com. Nagesh Nalawade
Circle Secretary

Message from Circle Secretary:

Dear Comrades,

Thank you very very much for the enmass campeigning in Maharashtra Circle for 6th Membership Verification.

The massive election campeigning of meetings, postering etc. are nearing the end. Now only two days are left for the day of voting. House to House, Person to Person last stage campeign has started.

Ensure that all our members and supporters votes. Make all out efforts for winning members of other union and non-members vote for us. We have to win more than 65% of the total votes to be the sole recognition to Save BSNL and its workers.

Revolutionary Greetings..

Circle Secretary, MH.


BSNLEU pays it's respectful homage to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar - 14.04.2014


BSNLEU pays it's respectful homage and rich tributes to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, on the occasion of his 123rd birth anniversary. The Indian Constitution is the contribution of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, which greatly helps the country to continue as a modern democracy in the present day world.

He was a great social reformer, who selflessly dedicated his entire life in crusading against the atrocities being meted out to the dalits and other oppressed sections of the society. The CEC meeting, held at Rajkot, has rightly called upon our units to observe Dr.B.R.Ambedkar's birth anniversary in a befitting manner. On this day, let us take the resolution to work to complete the unfinished goals of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. 



Airtel and Vodafone hike tariffs

Airtel and Vodafone have secretly hiked tariffs of some of the plans. Airtel has increased tariffs on some of its plans from 45 paise to 50 paise. It's 28 day mobile Internet pack will hereafter be valid for only 25 days. In this manner Vodafone has also modified some of its plans. This tariff hike is expected to result in fare hike by other operators also. Airtel and Vodafone command 52% market share.


[15.04.2014]National Council meeting rescheduled.  It will be held on 23-04-2014.
The National Council meeting has been notified to be held on 22-04-2014. The meeting is now rescheduled, and will be held on 23-04-2014. All members of the National Council are requested to make note of the change of date, and are requested to reschedule their journey accordingly. <<click here>>

[15.04.2014]Staff Side meeting of the National Council will be held on 22-04-2014.

In view of the change in the date of the meeting of the National Council, the date of the meeting of the Staff Side also stands modified. The Staff Side meeting will now take place on 22-04-2014. The time and venue remains the same. National Council members are requested to make note of this change.

[15.04.2014]Designations Committee meeting will be held on 24-04-2014.

Notification has already been issued by the Management to hold the meeting of the Designations Committee on 23-04-2014. This meeting stands postponed and will be held on 24-04-2014. Committee members are requested to make note of this change in the date.

Modify Presidential Order on payment of 78.2% IDA merger - Forum resolves to raise the demand before the DoT.

The meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations was held on 09-04-2014, reviewed the issue of revision of pension to the retirees, based on 78.2% IDA merger. It is learnt that the settlement of the issue is getting delayed in view of the fact that the Department of Expenditure has raised certain queries to the DoT, on it's proposal to revise pension notionally from 01-01-2007 and payment from 10-06-2013. It is learnt that the Dept. of Expenditure has asked the DoT, how pension could be fixed on notional basis. The meeting of the Forum discussed the issue at length and came to the conclusion that the Presidential Directive issued by the DoT on 10-06-2014 is the root cause for all the problems, wherein it is mentioned that fixation of 78.2% IDA merger would be done notionally from 01-01-2007 and payment would be made only from 10-06-2013. Hence,  the meeting unanimously decided to demand the DoT, to modify it's Presidential Order issued on 10-06-2013, to the effect that actual payment on 78.2% IDA merger will be made from 01-01-2007 itself,  both for the serving employees,  as well as for the pensioners. It is decided to seriously persue this case with the DoT. 


[11.04.2014]Decision to go on struggle, for the revival of BSNL, is to be taken after the formation of the new government at the centre - Forum meeting decides.

The Forum meeting, held on 09-04-2014, reviewed the financial condition of BSNL, as well as the demands raised in the memorandum submitted by the Forum, for the revival of BSNL. Neither the government nor the BSNL Management has taken any step so far in this regard. It was strongly felt that going on struggles was unavoidable to pressurise the government and the Management to take action on the memorandum.  However, in view of the on going elections to the Lok Sabha, it is decided that decision to go on struggles would be taken after formation of the new government at the centre.


--> [14.03.2014] List of Office Bearers of BSNLEU Maharashtra Telecom Circle for 2014-16
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--> [26.02.2014] Merger of BSNL and MTNL - Editorial of Tele Crusader March, 2014.
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--> [26.02.2014] CHQ Circular No.02 dated 26.02.2014.
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--> [26.02.2014] 1st Circle Council Meeting of Maharashtra Circle with recognised unions to be held on 1st March 2014 - CORRIGENDUM
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--> [24.02.2014] Grant of Special Casual Leave for attending Circle Conference will be held on 9th and 10th March 2014..
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--> [24.02.2014] Whether Govt. departments and PSUs will avail BSNL/MTNL's services on preferential basis? Hon'ble MoS's reply in Parliament.
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--> [13.02.2014] Corporate Office letter on formation of local councils in SSAs where only one union exists.
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--> [13.02.2014] Compasionate Ground Appointments - Corporate Office letter on the liabilities of the deceased employees.
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--> [13.02.2014] Corporate Office letter on pay minimum wages, EPF, ESI etc. to contract workers and the duty of the administration to get them implemented.
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--> [11.02.2014] Providing Mobile (Prepaid) CUG Plan services to Department of Agriculture Maharashtra, (MKS III)
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--> [10.02.2014] Corporate Office letter on information in respect of grant of one extra increment to BCR Grade-III employees one year prior to their retirement.
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--> [10.02.2014] Corporate Office letter on issue of guidelines relating to residential accommodation by the Directorate of Estate-application there-of in BSNL.
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* * !!Congratulations!!

Bases on the amendment made in Ludhiana (Punjab) AIC, to enhance the monthly union subscription from Rs 20/- to Rs.30/-. Corporate Office has issued order to implement the same from the Salary for the month of June 2013. The Subscription of Rs.30/- is to be allotted in the following manner.

CHQ Union : 10/-
Circle Union : 8/-
Dist. Union : 7/-
Bran h Union : 5/-

Circle Secretary,MH.